What to do if you are a victim of a DNS Hijack

Yesterday I did something what I am not normally doing.
Because I missed one episode from the series The Mentalist and one from NCIS, I looked for them on the net. I know, bad idea. I found and downloaded them from two sites: The Mentalist came from XTVi and NCIS from other site.
XTVi came with a Trojan.
When I tried to watch The Mentalist, I was prompted to upgrade Windows Media Player in order to do that. I made a big mistake and chose to run the ‘upgrade’ via a program that was a malware.
Next morning- as in today- when I tried to open Firefox I was prompted that the server tried to redirect the link. I could not use Firefox.
WTF??!!! I could feel my blood freezing. Oh my God! I suddenly understood that something really bad happened.
On a verge of panicking I scanned my computer with SmitfraudFix and sure enough I got this message
“Your computer may be victim of a DNS Hijack: 85.255.x.x detected !”
OK, now I was in full panic mode.
I opened Explorer- because Firefox did not want to collaborate with me- and looked for a fix.
I found it and cleaned my computer (or so I hope)

This is what you should do if you are stupid like me and made the same mistake:

1. Reboot computer in Safe Mode (you know the gig: restart the computer, before the Windows icon appears tap the F8 key)
2. In Safe Mode, open SmitfraudFix- assuming that you do have SmitfraudFix… if you don’t, do yourself a favor and get it- folder and double-click smitfraudfix.cmd. Select option#2- Clean by typing 2 and then press ‘Enter’ to delete infected files
3. When prompted ‘Registry cleaning- Do you want to clean registry?’ answer Yes by typing y and press ‘Enter
4. The tool will check if wininet.dll is infected. If the file is found, you may be prompted to replace it. In my case it was not found
5. Restart the computer into normal Windows. You are going to get a text file with results from the cleaning process

Next: I went to http://www.besttechie.net/tools and looked for the file: mbam-setup.exe.
This is Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware.
1. Download the application
2. Make sure that checkmark is placed nest to Update and Launch Malwarebytes’s Anti-Malware, then click Finish
3. Once the program is loaded, select ‘Perform Quick Scan’ and then click on ‘Scan’
4. After the scan is complete click OK, then Show Results
5. Make sure that everything that shows on the list is checked and then click ‘Remove Selected’
6. When disinfection is completed, the report will show up in Notepad
7. Restart your computer

Now Firefox is running again and I have learnt my lesson. Beware of XTVi!!!

I signed up with PayPerPost

Yes I did it! And I am thrilled and happy for having my blog accepted by PayPerPost.

Sometimes in September 2007 I started thinking about writing my thoughts. This is how the whole saga started.
I like to write, I am pretty opinionated and being a baby boomer, I would say that I have life experience as well.
I have reached a point in my life when I would like to share my experience, my trials and tribulations dealing with infertility, with keeping weight under control, with dealing with corporate politics and finally, to share my dreams about traveling to sacred places.
Browsing the net I realized that some people are making money from writing, not only from marketing affiliate sites. That was the turning point of the whole blogging adventure.
I did not know anything about internet marketing, so that venue was a moot point. Being paid to write, that sounded really appealing.

When I came across blog advertising it looked like it could become reality.

Naïve as I have been, I did not realize that you do have to meet some criteria to qualify. I have just thought that having a blog would be sufficient. Well, after about half a year of blogging it started making sense why you have to meet requirements.
In terms of getting you accepted, PayPerPost is generous and levels the field to everybody.

The criteria are:
– Have a blog at least three months old
– Write original, good quality posts; people would come and read if they could find something interesting, something that maybe helps them make decisions
– Your postings should be evenly spread over the time

Will I be successful? Only time will tell. I will do my best not to compromise my moral integrity as well.
Making money is good, but in the end it’s even better to feel that you served the good cause of helping other people.