Syrian refugee charged after ‘multiple sexual assaults’ at West Edmonton Mall waterpark

From Rebel

‘A 39-year-old Syrian refugee has been charged after several sexual assaults took place at the West Edmonton Mall World Waterpark this weekend.

Officers say Soleiman Hajj Soleiman inappropriately touched girls while they were swimming. Police were called to the park at around 10:30 PM Saturday.

According to Global News, EPS spokesperson Scott Pattison said “The girls were very courageous in coming forward and talking to the lifeguard, that’s not always the case.”

Hajj Soleiman is a Syrian refugee and a father of six. He has been charged with six counts of sexual assault and six counts of sexual interference.

The Edmonton Police Service Zebra Child Protection Section has taken over the investigation. Pattison says police believe there may be other complainants. He urges them to come forward’

Why the f*ck do we have to get these animals in Canada? Why not send him and his family to Ottawa or Montreal?

Swedish police officers blow the whistle on migrant crime cover-up

According to Infowars, last week Peter Springare, police investigator and former deputy head of the division for serious crimes at the police in Örebro, made headlines after he wrote a Facebook post in which he detailed how the country was in “chaos” due to a never ending epidemic of serious crimes being committed by Muslim migrants.
Springare may now face charges under Sweden’s strict hate crime laws simply for accurately identifying the problem after he was reported to authorities over the remarks.

The translation of his post from Facebook:
“I’m so fucking tired. What I’m about to write here, is not politically correct. But I don’t give a crap. What I’ll make publicly known for you tax payers is prohibited to publish for us who are civil servants. It leads to a stifled career and denied individual salary. Even though it is true. I don’t give a crap about all of this, I’ll soon retire anyway after 47 years in this business. I will from now on every week onwards present in detail what occupies me as an investigator on the serious crime division in Örebro(the municipality’s name). It will not harmonise with BRÅ(Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention) opinion or other left-wing criminologists opinion in the public debate.
Our pensioners are on their knees, the school is an utter chaos, the health care is an inferno, the police is completely wrecked etc etc. Everybody knows why but nobody dares to or wants to state the reason, because Sweden has always lived on the myth of being the superb society which has immaterial resources to be in the forefront when it comes to being the only politically correct alternative in a dysfunctional world which curbs itself, through destructive behaviour in the name of different religions.
Here we go; This is what I’ve dealt with Monday-Friday this week: Rape, gang rape, aggravated rape, extortion, extortion, abuse of judicial procedure, unlawful threats, violence against police, threats against police, drug offense, serious drug offence, attempted murder, rape again, extortion again and assault.
Suspected perpetrators; Ali Mohamad, Mahmod , Mohammed, Mohammed Ali, again , again , again Christoffer…what, is it true. Yes one Swedish name snuck in in the outskirts of a drug offense, drugcrime, Mohammed, Mahmod Ali, again and again.
Countries which represent this week’s all crimes: Iraq, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Somalia, Syria again, unknown country, unknown country, Sweden. For half of the suspects it is impossible to know since they have no valid papers. This often means they lie about nationality and identity.
We are only talking about the municipality of Örebro. And these crimes occupy our investigation ability 100%.
This is how it looks like and has looked like the latest 10-15 years.
I’ll return next week for yet another account of the past week.”

In a Facebook message posted on a page set up to support Springare that currently has over 92,000 likes, Tomas Åsenlöv, a police officer for Greater Gothenburg, exposed how police have been told to implement a “Code 291” procedure in order to cover-up information about crimes committed by migrants.
“The Swedish public has to be told all the facts now,” writes Åsenlöv, adding that Code 291 is used to hide “all information about the immigration-related crime,” including a ban on publicly releasing photos of migrant suspects.
“I understand that the younger officers may not dare to go out and criticize the leaders, or go out openly and support Peter. Then it is over for a future career. Then, when they apply for jobs, they will be classed as disloyal to the employer,” explains Åsenlöv.
Referring to the reaction to the story, Åsenlöv wrote, “Now I believe that the ball has started rolling and maybe we can get the leaders to open their eyes and no longer deny the truth.”

US Judge defies EO, Quebec thinking about separating, the EU hypocrisy

The insanity of the world.

Quebec ready for another referendum on independence? What the heck is wrong with these guys? Actually it’s ok if they promise to keep Trudeau out of the rest of Canada.

US Washington State Judge decided that President’s Trump EO on banning people from some countries from entering the USA is not good enough for him and therefore should be blocked.
Evidently that the White House and its Commander in Chief had the response on promptly

So, the Sanctuary city policy is justified by saying that immigration and border control is a federal responsibility and the states don’t want the Feds to involve them. Now this judge is staying the federal government for executing immigration and border control. You can’t have it both ways!

Meanwhile in Europe
‘Italy and the EU have decided upon a plan to pay Libya and Tunisia to keep the unwanted African continent migrants from crossing the Mediterranean sea.

[…] Tusk added: “(It is) the only way to gain control over migration in Europe. The goal is within our reach. Europe should and will stand by Italy in sharing responsibility.”

Italy has already set up a fund of £171 million to help Libya, Tunisia and Nigeria deter migrants from traveling to Europe. (more)

For those unfamiliar with the history here, this is the EXACT SAME PLAN that existed in 2010 between the EU (France) and Libya prior to Nicolas Sarkozy’s plan to kill Maummar Gaddaffi because he no longer liked the terms of the agreement.’

The hypocrisy of Europe in a nutshell: USA not taking (Syrian) refugees = Fascist/
Racist/Horrible Trump; The EU not taking in Libyan refugees = Great EU.

Analysis of muslim influence

Knowledge is power. Use it wisely.

As long as the Muslim population remains around or under 2% in any given country, they will be for the most part be regarded as a peace-loving minority, and not as a threat to other citizens. This is the case in:
United States — Muslim 0.6%
Australia — Muslim 1.5%
Canada — Muslim 1.9%
China — Muslim 1.8%
Italy — Muslim 1.5%
Norway — Muslim 1.8%

At 2% to 5%, they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups, often with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs. This is happening in:
Denmark — Muslim 2%
Germany — Muslim 3.7%
United Kingdom — Muslim 2.7%
Spain — Muslim 4%
Thailand — Muslim 4.6%

From 5% on, they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population. For example, they will push for the introduction of halal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature halal on their shelves — along with threats for failure to comply. This is occurring in:
France — Muslim 8%
Philippines — Muslim 5%
Sweden — Muslim 5%
Switzerland — Muslim 4.3%
The Netherlands — Muslim 5.5%
Trinidad & Tobago — Muslim 5.8%

At this point, they will work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves (within their ghettos) under Sharia, the Islamic Law. The ultimate goal of Islamists is to establish Sharia law over the entire world.

When Muslims approach 10% of the population, they tend to increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions. In Paris , we are already seeing car-burnings. Any non-Muslim action offends Islam, and results in uprisings and threats, such as in Amsterdam , with opposition to Mohammed cartoons and films about Islam. Such tensions are seen daily, particularly in Muslim sections, in:
Guyana — Muslim 10%
India — Muslim 13.4%
Israel — Muslim 16%
Kenya — Muslim 10%
Russia — Muslim 15%

After reaching 20%, nations can expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings, and the burnings of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues, such as in:
Ethiopia — Muslim 32.8%

At 40%, nations experience widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks, and ongoing militia warfare, such as in:
Bosnia — Muslim 40%
Chad — Muslim 53.1%
Lebanon — Muslim 59.7%

From 60%, nations experience unfettered persecution of non-believers of all other religions (including non-conforming Muslims), sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon, and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels, such as in:
Albania — Muslim 70%
Malaysia — Muslim 60.4%
Qatar — Muslim 77.5%
Sudan — Muslim 70%

After 80%, expect daily intimidation and violent jihad, some State-run ethnic cleansing, and even some genocide, as these nations drive out the infidels, and move toward 100% Muslim, such as has been experienced and in some ways is on-going in:
Bangladesh — Muslim 83%
Egypt — Muslim 90%
Gaza — Muslim 98.7%
Indonesia — Muslim 86.1%
Iran — Muslim 98%
Iraq — Muslim 97%
Jordan — Muslim 92%
Morocco — Muslim 98.7%
Pakistan — Muslim 97%
Palestine — Muslim 99%
Syria — Muslim 90%
Tajikistan — Muslim 90%
Turkey — Muslim 99.8%
United Arab Emirates — Muslim 96%

100% will usher in the peace of ‘Dar-es-Salaam’ — the Islamic House of Peace. Here there’s supposed to be peace, because everybody is a Muslim, the Madrases are the only schools, and the Koran is the only word, such as in:
Afghanistan — Muslim 100%
Saudi Arabia — Muslim 100%
Somalia — Muslim 100%
Yemen — Muslim 100%

Unfortunately, peace is never achieved, as in these 100% states the most radical Muslims intimidate and spew hatred, and satisfy their blood lust by killing less radical Muslims, for a variety of reasons.

Adapted from Dr. Peter Hammond’s book: Slavery, Terrorism and Islam:
The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat

Democrats’ pushback tantrum

Update : February 1, 2017
On Wednesday, February 1, 2017, Senate Republicans found a loophole to push through Trump’s two Cabinet nominees, by upending standard committee rules to circumvent a Democratic boycott.
As Bloomberg reports, the Senate Finance Committee – with only Republican members present – advanced Steven Mnuchin to head the Treasury Department, and Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) as secretary of Health and Human Services. They did so when the Republicans gathered in the hearing room and unanimously agreed to change the committee’s standing rules, which normally require at least one member of each party to be in attendance for committee work to proceed.
“It’s just another way of roughing up the president’s nominees,” said committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah). “They have been treated fairly. We have not been treated fairly.”

From: Zerohedge January 31, 2016
‘Full out war between Democrats and the White House broke out today when Senate Democrats on Tuesday refused to attend a committee vote on two President Trump’s more controversial nominees, effectively delaying their consideration. Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee boycotted votes to advance Tom Price, Trump’s pick to head the Department of Health and Human Services, and Steven Mnuchin, his selection to head the Treasury Department.
Since at least one democrat must be on present for the vote to be held, the move will effectively delay and potentially prevent the confirmation votes on Mnuchin and Price.  The duo is among some of the more contentious selections to join Trump’s Cabinet.
Democrats walked out of the Senate Finance Committee hearing room, arguing that Mnuchin and Price misled senators in their testimony before the panel, and saying they could not allow a vote to proceed without more information. Minutes before the scheduled vote on the pair, democrats said they refused to enter the hearing room until they get answers to their questions about Price’s stock purchase in an Australian biotechnology company.’

If you think this is a new technique, think again.
“ According to National Review February 17, 2011 Wisconsin Democrats fled the state in a bus, just to avoid voting on a budget bill that would have seen the slashing of public worker pensions and curbing their unions.
The vote had to be postponed because the 33-member Senate must have had 20 members present to meet the quorum requirements. As they were only 19 Republicans, they needed at least one Democrat present.
Instead of facing the music, what did they do? They boarded a bus and went to a Best Western Resort in Rockford, Illinois. But not everything was ha-ha funny at the resort; somehow they found the time to contact CNN with a list of demands for Republican Gov. Scott Walker.
The Senate majority leader sent the law enforcement after the runaway Democrats while Gov. Walker held a press conference urging the senators to come back “Show up, debate the bill, offer amendments… but you don’t have a debate if you’re hangin’ out in Rockford” They did not come back and the Wisconsin Senate was adjourned for the day.”